Bring FT360 to your club, your college, your company, your home or to your events

FT360 Circle

We offer you a customized solution. We can integrate our FT360 Circle into artificial turf or tartan fields. We can also integrate it into asphalt or into gym floors. You also have the option to use the mobile FT360 circle version. Together we will find the optimal location in your facilities.

FT360 App

Get your FT360 app and start your way to First Touch Mastery, now.

We offer you attractive packages as well as the possibility to display brands and sponsors in the app.

FT360 Academy

Coaches can become FT360 Mastertrainer and integrate our individual training concept into their daily training routines (Soccer Performance, Rehabilitation, Soccer specific Strength and Conditioning)

We help you to reactivate existing training tools, devices or equipment and find the right solutions together with you.

We find the perfect education tool to bring our First Touch expertise to you. We offer flipbooks, online educations, speaker activities and much more.


FT360 Athletic

Use the FT360 Circle for your soccer specific strength and conditioning training and sport specific build-up in the rehab process (e.g. RTAA).

Clear movement target areas make it possible to improve movement precision and achieve optimal motor learning development driven by external focus.

We provide you with a progressive build up of a movement map as well as cognitive loading of all athletic drills.


FT360 Circle rental

Get the FT360 Circle for your event, camp and offer your participants a very special skill experience.

Together we'll find the right First Touch content specific for your goals. Games, competitions and development. You will love it.