FT360 Circle


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Our small Circle - ideal for your individual First Touch Training, wherever you want. With the small Circle, which measures only 2 meters in diameter, you are maximally flexible with regard to your training location. In addition to the securing First Touch, it also represents the narrow First Touch. You can also train the wide First Touch by working out of the Circle. Get your First Touch training with Circle and App at home and start your way to First Touch Mastery.

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FT360-Circle mobile incl. 12 months license for the FT360 app. (App license can be added free of charge in the shopping cart).

FT360 Circle

The perfect product to improve your First Touch.

Mobile Version available as carpet with 2m diameter

Circular training ground with color target areas

Or fixed integration in your club facilities

Appropriate for:
Performance & Rehabilitation

Master the basics. First Touch Training is the key foundational training to boost ball possession performance.

  • Protecting the ball under high opponent pressure
  • Positioning into free spaces away from the opponent (in your 360° environment)
  • Sequencing and timing of orientation and First Touch
  • Maintaining and increasing the pace of the game
  • Ensuring the quality of the follow-up action (shooting, dribbling, passing)
  • Building up pressure on the opponent
First Touches per game
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First Touches per player
Every soccer action starts with the First Touch
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FT360 Circle for your Performance and rehabilitation training

  • Clear movement targets to improve movement precision and flow
  • Optimal motor learning development with external focus
  • Progressive build-up of a detailed movement map
  • Cognitive loading of all athletic drills
  • Sport-specific build-up in the rehabilitation process (e.g. RTAA)

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