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To make our vision come true, we have assembled a team of specialists. We are all united by the common passion for soccer and we all see ourselves as eternal students of the game. Here is our starting lineup.


Youth soccer coach e.g. FC Augsburg, VfR Aalen, FC Heidenheim, TSV 1860 München & DFB base coordinatior - responsible for talent development

Tobias Hottner

Neuro performance Trainer & Sports Scientist

Jonny Berthold

Head of Merchandising VfR Aalen, Project Management & Technical Marketing Würth

Tom Ruess

Back office & taxes
Team Manager
FT360 training sessions
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Players trained
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Professional games analyzed
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Performance books incorporated
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Independent studies integrated
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Why we do what we do?

"Movement has always fascinated me. Players, like Zidane and Ronaldinho, make it look easy on the field. The question of how to get to that point of development drives me. The path to "Make it look Easy" has inspired me all my life."

"How can you manage to make maximum development possible? That's the question I'm chasing. Creating an environment that generates maximum individual and team development - that's what drives me day by day."

"I love to master new challenges and grow with them. My drive comes mainly from getting as close to perfection as possible and creating an environment characterized by trust, honesty and humanity. Together, impossible things can be made possible."

"Dreams without goals remain forever dreams. Having dreams, but also setting the necessary goals to make them happen drives me. Dare to do something is my credo. I am motivated by the fact that our team is looking into the future and is making things happen. Even in the development of your own First Touch, you have to start working on it; just DO it!"