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The Concept


Master the basics. First Touch Training is the key foundational training to boost ball possession performance.

Protecting the ball under high opponent pressure

Positioning into free spaces away from the opponent (in your 360° environment)

Sequencing and timing of orientation and First Touch

Maintaining and increasing the pace of the game

Ensuring the quality of the follow-up action (shooting, dribbling, passing)

Building up pressure on the opponent


A bad First Touch diminishes the quality of the follow action tremendously.

Ball losses can cause devastating counter situations of the opponent

The speed of play in the offense decreases

Suboptimal passing, crossing or shooting positions can be consequences


The First Touch is the most important and most valuable skill of every soccer player.

The quality of every individual action determines the quality of the entire team
First Touches per game
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First Touches per player
Every soccer action starts with the First Touch
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The perfect First Touch also improves all the other aspects of a soccer player´s game.


Shooting Quality

Pressing Resistance


Passing Accuracy

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